1. Download the latest version of ConversionBox via the link provided by AutonoWare and place it in a folder.


2. Locate your Windows 7 ISO and place this at a convenient place in order to be used during the installation. It is recommended to have the license key of your official Windows 7 license at hand in order to activate the Windows 7 component of ConversionBox.

3. Double click "ConversionBox-xxx.exe" to start the installation. The following screen will appear:

4. Select "I accept the terms..." and click on `Install’                              

5. Click on ‘Finish’

6. Now locate ConversionBox and start the system.

6 a. (For Windows 7) Go to Start Menu & launch ConversionBox

6 b. (For Windows 8) Go to Start Menu & launch ConversionBox

7. Enter your registered email address & click ‘ACTIVATE ONLINE’

8. Drag & drop a valid Windows 7 ISO into the screen.

9. ConversionBox will then check the validity of the ISO.

10. Enter your valid Windows 7 license key and click on submit

11. The installation will now fully automatically set up ConversionBox. This can take 20-30 minutes. There are no further actions required. After the installation, ConversionBox will automatically launch.

12. If you need to re-register for additional licenses, go to Settings

13. Click on ‘Register’. Enter your registered email address for accessing licenses & click ‘Activate Online’. For first time unregistered users, ConversionBox will allow you up to 10 executions, which can be used for any module to trial, 1 license per execution. After this, you will need to register in order to be able to continue working. Please request your registered email via your local partner or direct at AutonoWare .

14. You're now ready to start with ConversionBox.  

15. After exiting ConversionBox, to re-start:

15a. (For Windows 7) go to Start Menu & launch ConversionBox

15b. (For Windows 8) Go to Start Menu & launch ConversionBox

16. The ConversionBox home screen will now show.